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Welcome to Aha! — To help you get started, we created Fredwin Software (Demo). It is a fictitious company, fully populated with records and data. By exploring it, you can get a sense of how Aha! works and how you might like to structure your own workspaces.

There are six demo workspaces that you can add to your account, aligning with the six different types of workspaces you can create in your account. We have optimized each demo workspace for a specific team function, with work that rolls up into strategic goals and initiatives.

When you're done using the demo, you can disable it — or keep it around for more experimentation. Then you can get started building out your own workspaces in your Aha! account by setting up an integration or importing your own data

Add a demo workspace

To enable a demo workspace in your account, navigate to Settings ⚙️> Account > Profile and scroll down to the section Demo data. You will need to be an administrator with account permissions to access this page. 

Click Add demo to add one or more of the example demo workspaces to your account.

Click any of the following links to learn more about each demo workspace: 



We designed the Fredwin Cycling Product demo workspace for product management teams. Here is their story:

Fredwin Cycling is the flagship software product for Fredwin Software. It enables competitive and recreational cyclists to train harder, connect with friends, and enjoy every moment on their bike. It was our first product and enables cycling aficionados to experience what we call social fitness — connecting and competing with each other via mobile and online apps.

Click here for a guided tour of the product workspace



We designed the Fredwin IT demo workspace for IT teams. Here is their story:

The IT team at Fredwin Software is responsible for the development and maintenance of internal systems. These systems are critical business applications that are built in-house to support business processes. The team is currently developing new functionality for an order management system to streamline existing processes. Key releases include mobile support for easier order status monitoring, building a new integration between the order management and CRM system, and enhancing business intelligence reporting.

 Click here for a guided tour of the IT workspace.



We designed the Fredwin Project demo workspace for project management teams. Here is their story:

The PMO at Fredwin Software is responsible for implementing strategic initiatives and standardizing project management processes across the company. They are currently rolling out a new project management methodology to drive efficiency and to manage key projects — such as implementing new CRM and financial management systems to support major business operations initiatives.

  Click here for a guided tour of the project workspace.



We designed the Fredwin Services demo workspace for services teams. Here is their story:

The services team at Fredwin software offers a new level of advanced implementation services for their largest enterprise customers. They are currently launching a new premium offering to onboard new enterprise customers, help them to establish best practices within their organization, and conduct recurring check-ins to ensure their continued success. 

  Click here for a guided tour of the services workspace.


Business operations

We designed the Fredwin Business demo workspace for business operations teams. Here is their story:

The business operations team at Fredwin Software is responsible for setting the corporate-level goals and initiatives. They work on programs that support customer and revenue growth and cost savings, including planning corporate strategy, researching ways to support strategic goals, analyzing forecasted vs actual results, and defining cross-functional areas for improvement. 

 Click here for a guided tour of the business workspace.



We designed the Fredwin Marketing demo workspace for marketing teams. Here is their story:

The marketing team at Fredwin Software drives customer engagement and growth across the Fredwin product suite. They focus on three customer segments — consumer, SMB, and enterprise. The marketing team is organized around product marketing, content marketing, digital marketing, and communications activities. 

Click here for a tour of a marketing workspace.


Getting started

We have compiled a set of introductory articles to get you started. Click any of the links below to move on. Welcome to Aha!

  1. Get started with Aha!
  2. You are here
  3. Add your first workspace
  4. Import data into Aha!
  5. Invite your team to collaborate
  6. Set up your first integration
  7. Create and share your first roadmap

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