Integrate with security webhooks (Enterprise+)

This article is about the security webhook functionality. For all Aha! activity webhooks go here.

Security webhooks let you send security-related events from Aha! to a webhook so they can be processed by a SIEM system. If you have an Enterprise+ account, you can integrate with security webhooks.

Create the integration

To create a security webhook integration, you will need to have owner permissions or a custom user role that enables you to access the settings of workspace where you want to create the integration. Navigate to Settings ⚙️> Workspace > Integrations and select Security webhook, then enter a Hook URL

Check the Enable checkbox to create the integration.

Events captured

Security webhooks will capture the following events:

Troubleshoot errors

To examine and resolve any integration errors, navigate to Settings ⚙️> Workspace > Integrations and click on the active Security webhook integration. In the Configuration tab of the integration setup wizard, you can access detailed integration logs. 

 Reach out to our Customer Success team if you need further help.

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