Integrate with Apple Calendar

Fold your Aha! to-dos and calendar reports into your schedule with this one-way integration between Aha! and Apple Calendar.


Like all calendar integrations, users can sync their personal deliverables with their external calendars, and administrators with account permissions can manage which users have access to do this.

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Integration type
  • One-way (Aha! to Apple Calendar)
Supported versions
  • v11.0+
Aha! level
  • Personal
Required user permissions: 
Required user permissions:
User access
Required user permissions: 
Generate calendar URLs
 Associated record types
  • To-dos
  • Calendar reports



To add your personal to-dos or a saved calendar report from Aha! to an Apple Calendar account:

  1. Copy the Aha! Calendar URL. If you don’t have an Aha! Calendar URL, see this support article which explains how to create one.
  2. Open Apple Calendar and navigate to File > New calendar subscription.
  3. Paste the URL from Aha! Into the Calendar URL field.Aha-Apple-calendar-URL.png
  4. Customize the calendar based on your preferences.Aha-apple-calendar-settings.png
  5. Click OK to add the calendar to your Apple Calendar account.

Note: Pay special attention to the Auto-refresh setting. This setting will determine how often the calendar is refreshed with Aha! updates.


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