Monitor your account activity (Enterprise+)

Large Aha! accounts need a central place where account administrators can keep track of user permissions, name changes, paid seat adjustments, and other activity. If you have ever wondered where your last paid seat went, when a user got access to a particular workspace, or who made the change, the Account activity page, available to Enterprise+ users, allows you to do this. 


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Monitor account activity

To access the account activity page, navigate to Settings ⚙️ > Account > Account Activity. You will need to be an administrator with account permissions to access the page. 

At the top of the page, filter by date range, user, or event. You can also sort the first three columns and use the Share menu to export the log as a CSV file



Monitor a user's history

The Settings ⚙️ > Account > Billing > Users page allows Aha! administrators to see a particular user's (or group of users') permissions. With access to the account activity page, you can also use the More options button for a user to see that user's account activity History



Make account activity adjustments

If you see account activity that you need to address, use these pages to do it. 

  1. Financial activity: Paid seat permissions
  2. User permissions and profile activity: Use the Settings ⚙️ > Account > Billing > Users page in conjunction with this article on user permissions. You will need to be an administrator with billing permissions to do this.
  3. Identity provider activity: Use the single-sign on section of our integrations documentation. 


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