Aha! shortcuts

We have designed Aha! to be quick and intuitive to navigate. If you prefer keyboard and mouse shortcuts, then this article will help you and your team move faster together.

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Format text

Aha! supports both standard and Markdown formatting in the text editor.

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Header 1 Cmd+Opt+1 Ctrl+Alt+1 
 Header 2 Cmd+Opt+2  Ctrl+Alt+2 
 Header 3 Cmd+Opt+3  Ctrl+Alt+3 
 Header 4 Cmd+Opt+4  Ctrl+Alt+4 
 Header 5 Cmd+Opt+5  Ctrl+Alt+5 
 Header 6 Cmd+Opt+6  Ctrl+Alt+6 
Bold text Cmd+B Ctrl+B
Italicize text Cmd+I Ctrl+I
Underline text Cmd+U  Ctrl+U
Left align text Cmd+Shift+L Ctrl+Shift+L
Center align text Cmd+Shift+C Ctrl+Shift+R
Right align text Cmd+Shift+R Ctrl+Shift+C
Justify align text Cmd+Shift+J Ctrl+Shift+J
Create bulleted list *+Space
Create numbered list 1.+Space 1.+Space
Insert code snippet Cmd+/ Ctrl+/
Clear text formatting Cmd+\ Ctrl+Space
Fullscreen text editor view Cmd+Shift+Enter  Ctrl+Shift+Enter


Use Markdown formatting

Aha! utilizes a subset of Markdown that does not include every Markdown syntax.

Aha! function Markdown shortcut
Bold text __text__
Italicize text _text_
Strikethrough text ~text~
Insert hyperlink [link text](link URL)
Header 1 #+Space
Header 2 ##+Space
Header 3  ###+Space
Header 4  ####+Space
Quote format >+Space
Insert code snippet `text`


Numbered list


Bulleted list



Format presentations

Aha! presentations allow you to share your strategy, work, and progress with stakeholders inside and outside your Aha! account.

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
 Next/Previous slide  L/R arrow keys L/R arrow keys
Align object horizontally or vertically Shift+mouse click
and drag
Shift+mouse click
and drag
Delete slide or slide element Delete
Cut a slide or slide element Cmd+X Ctrl+X
Copy a slide or slide element Cmd+C Ctrl+C
Paste a slide or slide element Cmd+V Ctrl+V
Undo last action Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z


Edit Aha! records

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Add watcher Shift + W Shift + W
Add comment C C
Assign record Shift+A Shift+A
Change record status Shift+S Shift+S
Copy record link Shift+L Shift+L
Download attachments from preview Cmd+D Ctrl+D


Record-specific shortcuts

Aha! record Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut


Create note from template Cmd + A Ctrl + A


Expand or collapse
parking lot view
Add release
Add schedule
Cmd+Shift+A Ctrl+Shift+A


Navigate around Aha!

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Next field Tab Tab
Previous field Shift+Tab Shift+Tab
Select multiple record cards as a group Shift+mouse click Shift+mouse click
Select multiple record cards individually Cmd+mouse click Ctrl+mouse click
Open workspace hierarchy S S
Open record history Cmd+Shift+H  Ctrl+Shift+H


 Other shortcuts

Aha! function Mac shortcut Windows shortcut
Undo last action Cmd+Z Ctrl+Z
Redo last action Cmd+Y Ctrl+Y
Submit form Cmd+Return Ctrl+Enter
Add record A A
Close detail drawer Esc Esc
Open Saved views modal Shift+V Shift+V
Search Aha! / /
View all keyboard shortcuts ? ?



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