December 17, 2018 report filters update

On December 19, 2018, Aha! will be making an update that may affect the data displayed in your reports. 

What is changing? 

If you have a report with any of the following data combinations, your report will be affected by this change.

  • Case 1: Product name, Competitor name
  • Case 2: Goal name, Master feature name
  • Case 3: Goal name, Feature name
  • Case 4: Product name, Persona name,
  • Case 5: Initiative name, Release name
  • Case 6: Goal name, Release name
  • Case 7: To-do name, Release name
  • Case 8: To-do name, Release phase name

Current behavior: Today, reports containing these combinations display a limited set of primary record results. For example, in case 3, the report would only display goals that are linked to features.

Future behavior: Starting December 19, 2018, reports containing these combinations will display all primary record results. For example, in case 3, all goals will be displayed, including ones that are not linked to features.

Why is this being changed? 

The purpose of this change is to drive consistent filtering behavior across all reports. Right now, there is some inconsistency in the way that reports join data types together. This change will ensure that the data in your reports is presented using the same methodology as all other reports.

Can the reports be changed back to their previous form?

Yes. If you'd like to revert your report back to the way that it was prior to the change, you can customize the way that blank values appear in your report using the is blank and is not blank filter values. 

  • Is blank: When enabled, this filter will display data elements that have no values set for the chosen field. 
  • Is not blank: When enabled, this filter will display data elements that have a value set for the chosen field.


In the report below, the is blank and is not blank options are both disabled for the feature name filter. This is the default behavior for new filters. Notice that all goal names are shown on the report, including those without an associated feature name.  


Now, the is blank option is enabled for the feature name filter. Notice that only goal names without an associated feature name are shown on the report.


Now, the is not blank option is enabled for the feature name filter. Notice that goal names are shown only when there is a feature name associated to the goal.


You can read more about filters here. Please reach out to if you have any questions.


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