August 31, 2018 release notes



  • When a hierarchy or dependency report is added to a notebook, record counts are no longer presented in the notebook's web view. 
  • Competitor and persona names are now included in global search results.
  • Reports can now be filtered by a release's development start date. 
  • The Vision page has been updated with new styling. 


  • When a Jira template's record mapping was updated and the update required the configuration to be reloaded, the updated mappings were not propagated to child integrations
  • Importing a large amount of data via UserVoice resulted in a timeout. The integration has been improved to reduce timeouts for large imports.
  • GitHub integrations configured to map features to issues and requirements to task lists experienced an error when sending to GitHub. 
  • When a filter was applied to the Users page, viewing the second page of the user list broke the page's formatting.
  • When editing a notebook slide, an issue prevented the browser's vertical slider from being selectable.
  • An error prevented roadmap and report legends from displaying in notebooks.
  • In Firefox, the first two ideas in the ideas list report were inaccessible.
  • The default sync direction for GitHub attachments was incorrect. 

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