August 17, 2018 release notes


  • The description history modal has been improved so that it now loads much faster and versions can be quickly reviewed and restored.
  • The Remove Seat button on the Edit user modal has been renamed to Disable user to help clarify the action that is being performed.


  • A webhook error made it possible to present updates for unlinked Jira projects in the Settings > Integration updates modal. 
  • Disabled users that inherited product access from the product line were still being presented on the product's Users page.
  • In Internet Explorer 11, pivot report cells were not correctly wrapping text or presenting records as clickable.
  • In some instances, Aha! notebooks configured to autoplay slides were not correctly advancing to the next slide.
  • Selecting a portal user from the Activity page was not correctly redirecting to the Portal users page. 
  • An error prevented some users from creating to-dos via the Slack to Aha! integration.
  • An issue prevented some users from accessing the Asana integration configuration page.
  • Formatting description text with H1 formatting caused the text to disappear. 

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