Convert features and activities to other record types

Coming soon: We are introducing a fresh new look for record drawer and details pages on September 30, 2020. This article describes the current experience. Preview the upcoming improvements in your account now so you can get familiar with the new way of working in Aha!

  • Switch to the new experience using a toggle in the More options button in the drawer of each record.
  • The toggle is unique to each user — so you can opt in and out as often as you like.
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Just because you first created a record in Aha! as a feature does not mean it must stay that way forever. You can easily convert features to one of three other record types: initiative, requirement, or epic.

There are, of course, a few exceptions:

  • Development tool integration: You cannot convert any feature that you have already synced with a third-party development tool such as Jira or Rally. If you attempt to convert a synced feature, you will receive an error message.
  • Features with requirements: You cannot convert any feature with existing requirements. If you attempt to convert a feature with requirements, you will receive an error message. Before you convert, you must either promote each requirement to a feature or move them to another feature.
  • Lost links and fields: Converting a feature will result in it losing parent/child links, related record links, and custom fields that the new record type does not support. 

Note that depending on your Aha! use case, you may know features by another name. Marketing teams might prefer "activities," and your team might prefer "user stories." However you implement Aha! or customize your terminology, you will likely want to convert these records to other record types.

Note: This article refers to releases and features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see "schedules" and “activities" in your workspace.

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Convert a feature to a requirement

Click the More options button and select Convert to requirement, then select the feature to add the requirement to.

As mentioned earlier, requirements do not support all of the capabilities of features, so converting may lose some information including:

  • Custom field values (requirements do support custom fields, but the values will not carry over from the feature when you convert)
  • Aha! score
  • Assigned user
  • Watchers
  • The feature type
  • Goals and tags
  • Links to other features or initiatives

Once you click the Convert to requirement button, the feature will immediately be converted and Aha! will redirect you to the details of the requirement in the parent feature.

The converted feature will no longer appear on the features board. You can view the individual requirements in the feature card or you can view all requirements by creating a features list


Convert a feature to an epic

In order to convert a feature to an epic, you must first have epics enabled in your settings.

Click the More options button and select Convert to epic. Your feature will immediately be converted to an epic under the same release and Aha! will redirect you to the details in the new epic. 

You can view all of your epics across all releases by toggling between Features and Epics buttons on the features board. Or, you can view epics within specific releases on the features detail view, where you can choose specific releases from the dropdown. 


Convert a feature to an initiative

Click the More options button and select Convert to initiative. Your feature will immediately be converted and Aha! will redirect you to the details in the new initiative. 

You can then view all of your initiatives by navigating to Strategy > Initiatives


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