April 6, 2018 release notes



  • Typeahead and search support have been added for the Add to release phase button on the features detail page, making it easier to find the desired release phase.
  • Integrations 2.0 for Jira now supports mapping a text custom field in Aha! to a select custom field in Jira. 
  • Initiative rank can now be synced with records in third-party development systems via the Position field. 
  • When creating portal users via the "Portal users API," it is now possible to suppress welcome emails. 
  • Integration links can now be added to master feature cards on the features board. 


  • When exporting to Excel, reports containing date fields experienced problems due to the time zone being included in the date; this has been resolved so that time zone is no longer included in date fields. 
  • When filters were added to previously saved reports, the page reloaded and presented saved settings which removed the filters that had just been added.
  • The capacity planning Calculated from features field on the master features detail page was not appropriately reflecting custom terminology for features.
  • Integrations 2.0 for Visual Studio Team Services or Team Foundation Server inappropriately allowed users to map to Work item type bidirectionally. 
  • When manually linking a feature to an issue with integrations 1.0 for Jira, the feature type in Aha! was being reset. 
  • Applying the Release name filter to the features board caused the page to reload upon making a selection.
  • Color by customizations on custom roadmaps presented correctly on screen but were not applied on export. 
  • When configuring field mapping for integrations 2.0 for Rally, all custom fields were not being presented. 
  • In some instances, custom table custom fields were not presenting correctly on the features roadmap
  • Some users experienced performance issues when replacing a tag connected with many features. 
  • Editing scorecards with significantly large range values caused performance issues for some users.  
  • HTML-escaped unicode characters in SAML login requests were not processed correctly. 
  • An issue caused the Color by customizations in pivot reports to behave incorrectly.
  • In some instances, the Compact bars setting in custom roadmaps was not applied. 
  • An issue prevented the value field from being set in the "Idea Endorsements API."
  • An error caused the ideas portal users page to freeze when search was used. 
  • An error with the "Custom Pivot API" returned aggregate values incorrectly.  
  • In some instances, features containing attachments failed to send to Jira. 
  • An error prevented some users from accessing to-do attachments. 
  • An error prevented some users from deleting a persona
  • The master releases null state contained a copy error.

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