February 16, 2018 release notes


  • Aha! Notebook transitions can now be disabled/enabled and have a self-running presentation option. Transition_settings.gif
  • Ideas portals have been enhanced to include an accessibility label for idea search so that search will be visible to assistive technology users. 
  • Integrations 2.0 configuration screens will no longer show a "Select template" field if there are no integration templates available for that integration. 
  • A complete list of custom fields can now be exported by going to the "Settings > Account > Customizations > Custom fields" page and selecting "Export custom fields."
  • Custom terminology is now applied to search results and digest emails.  


  • When integrations 2.0 for Jira was configured to map Aha! releases to Jira fix versions for both features and requirements, it is expected that if a feature's release changes in Aha! the fix version would be updated for all linked records. However, an error prevented a fix version update at the feature level from being passed to linked requirements.
  • When unauthorized users attempted to self register for a private ideas portal, they experienced a loop with no error message; this experience has been updated to present the following error message: "Your email domain doesn't allow you to self register." 
  • Some users experienced an issue when logging into Aha! after executing a background task (like running a report) before logging out of their last session; this experience has been enhanced so that such errors will no longer occur. 
  • An error prevented some users from authenticating with Google Drive
  • Updating the "Send" checkbox for the Weekly summary email on the "Settings > Personal > Notifications" page failed to save if the product was nested within a product line. 
  • When an image was inserted into Aha! mockups via the "Arrange > Insert > Insert Image..." button, the proportions were incorrectly set. 
  • An error required users to click the sort icon several times before reports sorted in the correct order. 
  • An issue with the time tracking events API created incorrect tracking events when using story points. 
  • An error prevented some users from signing up for any public ideas portal.
  • The notification preferences screen failed to load for users with a large number of products. 
  • Slack notifications from Aha! were intermittently not working for initiative status updates.
  • In some advanced scenarios, the "Assigned to" filters were not appropriately filtering data. 
  • An error prevented some users from authenticating with Box.

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