Carry custom field values from requirements to features and activities

Custom fields are used in Aha! to capture information that is important to your team and how they work. With requirements, custom fields allow you to expand beyond capturing a name and description and define additional details that may be important to your team, such as the technical component related to the requirement or the development team that will work on it.

Requirements are special in Aha! because like ideas, they have the ability to be converted to a feature. This leads to an important piece of functionality within Aha! - the ability to transfer custom field values from the requirement to the feature upon promotion.

Note: This article refers to releases and features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see "schedules" and “activities" in your workspace.

Carrying over custom fields upon promotion 

Custom field values including note fields will automatically carry over from requirements to features when the following criteria are met:

  • Both are the same custom field type
  • Both have the identical key name*
  • Both have the same pre-defined list of values if it's a pre-defined custom field**
  • Both have the fields visible on their custom field layouts 

* It is not required that the custom field names be the same as the carry over is initiated by sharing a common key name. However, it is recommended that both the idea and feature custom fields be assigned the same name as a best practice.

** You may actually have predefined values that don't match, but they will not be carried over to the feature if selected. 

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