Configure single sign-on with Bitium

Bitium is a single sign-on identity provider that Aha! connects with through our SAML 2.0 support. The configuration of single sign-on will require admin access in both Aha! and Bitium.

In Bitium:

1. Go to Manage Apps.

2. Select Aha! from the list of installed apps.

3. Click the Single sign-on tab.

4. Click the dropdown menu and select SAML authentication.

In Aha!:

5. Go to Settings > Account > Security and single sign-on.

6. Under the single sign-on section, select SAML 2.0 as the identity provider.

7. Enter a single sign-on provider name and select the radio button to configure with Manual Settings.

8. Copy the Login URL from Bitium and paste the URL into the Single sign-on endpoint field in Aha!.

9. Copy the X.509 Certificate Fingerprint from Bitium and paste the value into the Certificate fingerprint field in

10. Click Enable in Aha!.

In Bitium:

11. Copy the SAML entity ID from Aha! and paste the URL into the Entity ID field in Bitium.

12. Copy the SAML consumer URL from Aha! and paste the URL into the ACS URL field in Bitium.

13. Click Save Changes in Bitium.

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