October 16, 2015 release notes


  • Significant updates to group messaging integrations with Slack, HipChat, and Flowdock were launched this week enhancing product management transparency and collaboration through streaming product updates.
    • Key features of the integrations include: 
      • Configure and send over 100 types of activity events. 
      • Customize which strategy, release, idea, and feature updates you stream so everyone can focus on what matters most.
      • Create as many Aha! streams and corresponding Slack channels, HipChat rooms, and Flowdock Flows as you need.
    • Example streams include:
      • Features: track all team comments on key stories
      • Releases: track all product launch efforts
      • Customers: track all newly submitted ideas from customers
      • Development manager: track updates from specific team members


  • Several improvements to audit updates posted to the Home -> Activity page were rolled out making the information easier to understand both in Aha! and the group messaging products. Updates include the following:
    • Delaying the posting of audit records for 5 minutes to ensure the user is done with their update before firing an activity change. This will help to reduce the overall volume of activity updates. 
    • Differentiate between public and private comments.
    • Idea visibility changes have been converted from a numeric value to text.
    • Feature duration estimates have been updated to human readable numbers.
    • External Release Dates reflect updates to the "round date to" timeframe. 
    • The Initiative setting "Show on roadmap and charts" has been modified from displaying as true or false to yes or no. 
  • To-do email reminders will no longer be sent on weekends. 


  • Chrome version 46 and Safari version 9 both introduced changes that adversely impacted mouse wheel behavior. This change fixes the behavior of scrolling on the Features -> Board screen and other places where the mouse wheel is used. 

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