Issues in Jira are linked to a fix version created in Aha! but are not getting pushed to Aha!

If a Release is sent to Jira, so that a Fix Version is created, new stories created in Jira that are linked to this Fix Version will be pushed back to Aha! ... in most cases.

There is one situation, however, where the integration will not automatically push a story from Jira back to Aha! when linking it to a Fix Version:

When the Jira integration is configured to send initiatives over to Jira as epics, then the parent/child relationship of Initiative-to-Feature takes priority over the relationship of Release-to-Feature - meaning that even if you create/link a story to a fix version that is linked back to Aha!, if that same story is linked to an epic that is NOT linked back to Aha!, the story won't get created in Aha! automatically as a feature. 

When a story won't be created as a feature

  • Your Jira integration has the Send Initiatives checkbox checked.
  • You link a new story to an epic that's not linked back to an initiative in Aha! 
  • You link that story to a Fix Version that is created in Aha! as a release. 

This is because the integration is looking to link the feature to an Aha! initiative and it doesn't yet exist. A warning message will appear in the integration log that states "Did not create new issue 'ID-xxx', no matching parent record found".

To ensure that your stories get created as features in Aha! those epics need to be linked back to initiatives in Aha! You can import existing epics from Jira or you can create epics in Aha! and send them over to Jira automatically -- when you send features to Jira, any initiatives to which they are mapped get created as epics. 

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