Carry over custom field values from ideas to other record types

Idea portals provide customers, partners, and employees a direct channel for submitting feedback and requests for products and services. Their application is broad, ranging from management of product enhancement ideas from internal and external users to administering IT project requests, to internal departments using them to solicit requests from their global teams for new reports, process improvements, and more. Ideas are managed and prioritized and those worthy of action are promoted to features, epics or initiatives as the first step in their journey to being delivered to customers.

Note: This article refers to features. Depending on your workspace type, you may see “activities" in your workspace.

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Using custom fields for ideas

Unique attributes of products and how those products are developed and delivered to customers are often modeled through custom fields. Custom fields allow you to extend your data model to include metadata important for your business which are then used for filtering working views and displayed in roadmap visualizations and reports. Common examples of custom fields created for ideas include platform, product component, development team, solution, and cost data to name a few.

In some cases, the data collected through custom fields for an idea will be useful once that idea is promoted to a feature or initiative. To carry over custom field data from ideas, you must have the same field available for both the idea as well as the associated feature, epic or initiative. 


Carrying over custom fields upon promotion 

Custom field values including note fields will automatically carry over from ideas to features, epics or initiatives upon promotion when the following criteria are met:

  • Both are the same custom field type
  • Both have the identical key name*
  • Both have the same list of values if it is one of the pre-defined values custom field types**
  • Both have the fields visible on their custom field layouts


* It is not required that the custom field names be the same as the carry over is initiated by sharing a common key name. However, it is recommended that the custom fields be assigned the same name as a best practice.

** You may actually have predefined values that don't match, but they will not be carried over if selected. 


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