Ambitious plans and focused collaboration both tend to generate lots of information. Many Aha! users have multiple workspaces in their account, with thousands of different records. We have designed searching in Aha! to help you sort through all that data and find the exact record you need — fast.


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Search your account

To search through your Aha! account, click the search icon in the top-right of your screen or type the / key to open the search modal with a keyboard shortcut. It will display the last 20 records you viewed — if one of these is the record you were looking for, click it to close the search modal and open the record's detail drawer. 


Don't see what you're looking for? Start typing to search through your Aha! account. Search by record name, ID, related text, or user's name, or use search syntax to perform an advanced search. 

As you type, Aha! will generate search results, and the Filter by bar will appear on the right side of the modal. Use it to filter your results by Record type or by Workspace


Features > Board and Activities > Board searches

On the Features > Board and Activities > Board pages, there is a search bar that filters the records displayed on the page. 


Use this search bar to start searching through all the features or activities in your backlog or in your active releases and schedules. As you type, you will see your board auto-filter to records that include your search term in their NameID, or any fields displayed on the cards. 

Note: This search applies to any information visible on the board, not any information in the features, activities, or epics themselves.

You can always click the search icon in the top-right of your screen or type the / key to open the search modal you use throughout other Aha! pages. Notice that when you search on this page, the search modal has an extra tab. In addition to Recent (showing records you have recently viewed) and Account (showing records in your account that match your search term and filters), you will see the Features board or Activities board tabs. These tabs search through the records displayed on your Features > Board and Activities > Board pages.


Workspace notes searches

Similar to the Features > Board and Activities > Board pages, the search modal has an extra tab whenever you search on the Info > Notes page — and for much the same reason. Features and activities boards often display a significant number of records and Aha! users often have a significant number of workspace notes

The workspace notes page has always had a search bar in the upper-right corner to help you search through your notes. When you use the Aha! search modal on this page, you will see the Notes tab in addition to the Recent and Account tabs. Select this tab to limit your search to just the workspace notes in your currently selected workspace. 


Ideas portal searches

When you search within an ideas portal, you use the same search engine that you use in the Aha! application. Ideas portal searches will search ideas' reference numbers, names, descriptions, and visible custom fields


Search syntax

Search in Aha! supports the following syntax. Use these options to help optimize your search.

Prefix search

Appending an asterisk (*) to a word will search for all words that include the prefix. This allows for distinguishing between exact match versus prefix match results.

For example:

Query Result
author* Records containing "author," "authorize," "authorization," "authority," etc.
APP-12 Records that match APP-12 only, and not "APP-121," "APP-122," "APP-1231," etc.


Combining words

Boolean operators for combining words allow you more control over the outcome of the search results. Boolean operators include AND, OR, and NOT and can be combined with parentheses. 

For example:

Query Result
dashboard OR report Records containing a reference to either "dashboard" or "report" 
dashboard AND report Records containing a reference to both "dashboard" and "report"
dashboard NOT report Records containing a reference "dashboard" but do not contain "report"
(dashboard OR report) editor Records containing a reference to either "dashboard" or "report," but must also contain a reference to "editor" 

Note: Boolean operators must be in all capital letters.


User mentions

Use @mentions in your search queries to include Aha! users.

For example:

Query Result
@fred Records where Fred has been @mentioned


Phrase queries

Use quotation marks to search for an exact phrase match. 

For example: 

Query Result
"Q4 2019 Marketing activities roadmap" Records that include the exact phrase "Q4 2019 Marketing activities roadmap" 


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