Jira error: 401 authentication errors

When some Aha! users authenticate their Jira integration, they see an error that states:

Remote error for 'installed': Authentication failed: 401

This error comes directly from Jira, and it happens when Aha! attempts to use the Jira credentials in the integration for an authentication check. 

The first (and simplest) troubleshooting step is to confirm that you have correctly entered your username and password in the Configure account step of your Jira integration. If those credentials are correct, then something else might be at fault.

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SSO and Jira

The most common source of 401 authentication issues comes from customers attempting to authenticate a Jira integration using SSO credentials. SSO credentials cannot be used for API authentication.

For instances of Jira Cloud, customers have the option to generate an API token to use for authentication. This is done through visiting https://id.atlassian.com and clicking API tokens on the lefthand navigation. The token can be used as your password for authentication. More details are available from Atlassian here.


Authentication errors on a previously working integration

If your integration was previously working, and then began generating 401 authentication errors, it means that your credentials in Jira most likely changed. 

This typically occurs when your system is set to automatically expire passwords on a scheduled basis. 


Authentication errors with valid credentials

A forced update to Atlassian accounts as of May 2017 has also caused some Aha! users to see 401 errors. You can read more about that change and potential workarounds here.


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