Updates in Jira are not reflected in Aha! records

If you do not see Jira updates reflected back in Aha!, the problem is often that the webhook URL is incorrect or is not implemented at all.

The webhook is required for the integration to be two-way. It is added to Jira and communicates Jira updates back to your Aha! records.

To configure the webhook:

  1. The permissions of the Aha! user identified next to Webhook will run as user: will define the permissions that the webhook runs as. Only one webhook is required per Jira instance, but if the user the webhook is running as has limited access in Aha!, the webhook will only update Aha! accordingly. The webhook is located on the Enable page of your integration setup.
  2. In Jira, navigate to Settings > System and select Webhooks. You will need to be an administrator in Jira to access this configuration.
  3. Create a new webhook and paste the webhook URL from Aha! into the URL field. Name the webhook something that will identify it as being used for Aha!
  4. You will want to enable all Issue and Worklog events. Additionally, ensure the Exclude body option is not checked.
  5. You can also optionally add custom JQL as displayed in the following screenshot. Custom JQL allows you to filter what issue types send updates to Aha!Note: The above example "issuetype in (Epic, "User Story", Sub-task)" would prevent Bugs or other issue types in Jira from being communicated back to Aha!

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