How to use @ and # mentions

Coming soon: We are introducing a fresh new look for record drawer and details pages on September 30, 2020. This article describes the current experience. Preview the upcoming improvements in your account now so you can get familiar with the new way of working in Aha!

  • Switch to the new experience using a toggle in the More options button in the drawer of each record.
  • The toggle is unique to each user — so you can opt in and out as often as you like.
  • We also updated the application font in the new experience for improved text legibility.

Teams can collaborate best when they are on the same page — literally. To make sure that everyone working on your team has the right context and is included in the right conversations, you can use @ and # mentions to include specific users or records. 

Using @ mention automatically adds a user as a watcher or a comment subscriber. Using # mention references many Aha! record types. 

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Mention a user

In the editor, type the @ key, then the first few characters of the person’s name to refine the list of suggestions. If there is more than one Aha! user in your account with the first and last name you are searching for, you will see their email addresses. 

Choose the user’s name from the list of suggestions.


By mentioning a fellow Aha! user, they also automatically become watchers of the item or subscribers to the comment.

  • If a user is mentioned in a watchable item (feature, requirement, release, or idea), they become a “watcher” of the feature and will receive emails for updates to the feature (including the one where they were mentioned).
  • If a user is mentioned in a comment, they become a subscriber to the comment conversation and receive the comment, plus any subsequent comments in the conversation


How to mention an Aha! record type

There are many times when you want to mention Aha! record types as well. Currently, you can # mention the following record types: 

  • Notes
  • Workspaces
  • Personas
  • Competitors
  • Creative briefs
  • Goals
  • Initiatives
  • Releases / Schedules
  • Ideas
  • Features / Activities
  • Epics

Let’s say you want to mention a goal. In the editor, type the # key, then the first few characters of the goal you want to call attention to. Choose the goal from the list of suggestions — it will be inserted as a link to that goal.


Note: In a feature, if you mention another feature, it will automatically create a record link showing that the features are related to each other. 


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