December 1, 2017 release notes



  • When switching between products via the top navigation, the features list page now automatically loads the default features list for that product. It previously loaded the last accessed saved view.  
  • It is now possible to remove a To-do's due date without having to delete and recreate the To-do. 
  • Items that have been deleted after being added to an Aha! Notebook will now be marked "[Deleted]" when editing the Notebook. 


  • When exporting to Excel, Windows users were encountering a warning and error that prevented them from opening the file without repairing it. 
  • Pivot report calculations were incorrect when custom sorting was applied to them. 
  • When presented with a login failure, users were redirected to an Aha! subdomain that matched their email address; the page now refreshes but no longer redirects the user. 
  • When customizing a custom roadmap to color by the feature name field, the customization was not applied. 
  • Pre-defined tag custom fields were not displaying their description when added to idea forms. 


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