Configure single sign-on for your ideas portal with Salesforce

Salesforce has the ability to function as an identity provider for Aha! using SAML 2.0. It is a popular option among customers that have an active customer community being run through Salesforce already, and is commonly used to allow the Salesforce community users to authenticate into an Aha! ideas portal using their Salesforce community credentials. 

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Enable Salesforce as an identity provider

To do this, follow the instructions on Salesforce's knowledge base, here.


  • You can also integrate with the Salesforce app, to allow Salesforce users to add and vote on ideas in your ideas portal.
  • The configuration described in this support document establishes a SAML based authentication where your Salesforce community users are able to use their Salesforce community credentials to log into your Aha! ideas portal. If your objective is to seamlessly authenticate these users from your Salesforce community site into your ideas portal, you may want to consider utilizing a JSON Web Token based single sign-on approach.
  • Salesforce can also function as the identity provider to allow all users to authenticate into the actual Aha! application, although that is a much less common workflow.


Configure Salesforce SSO in Aha!

With Salesforce set up as an identity provider, you can then go into Aha! and enable SSO for your ideas portal (or account).

To do this, you will need to open your ideas portal settings. Navigate to Settings ⚙️ > Account > Ideas portals or Ideas > Overview. You will need to be an administrator with customizations permissions to configure an ideas portal.

  • From your account settings, click the name of the ideas portal whose settings you wish to edit.
  • From Ideas > Overview, click the Pencil icon by the name of the ideas portal whose settings you wish to edit.

Once your ideas portal settings are open, navigate to Users > SSO.

  1. Choose SAML 2.0 from the Identity provider dropdown. 
  2. Configure Salesforce as your identity provider. There are many different valid configurations for this step, which we have outlined here

Note: When configuring SSO with Salesforce, the single sign-on endpoint field in Aha! needs to be populated with the SP-Initiated Redirect Endpoint URL from the SAML Login Information settings in Salesforce. The default endpoint provided by Salesforce utilizes a HTTP POST as opposed to a HTTP GET that is expected when running SSO.


Ideas portal user experience

When a user authenticates to the ideas portal, they will be presented with the option to authenticate to the portal via SSO only. If they are already logged in to the SSO provider, they will automatically be logged in to your portal without any additional actions.

  • Public portal: Once SSO is configured, users will be prompted to log in before posting or voting ideas. Anyone can view ideas, regardless of whether they are logged in.
  • Private portal: In order to access the portal, users will be prompted to log in via SSO. If SSO is configured, any user with the SSO account will be able to access the ideas portal, regardless of email domain.

Note: It is possible to invite an ideas portal user from your ideas portal settings who has not been configured with the identity provider your portal is using. The user will not be able to log in to the ideas portal until they can be authenticated by the identity provider. 



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