Manage account billing

The Settings ⚙️ > Account > Billing page is where Aha! users with billing administrator access can go to manage their Aha! subscription.

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Manage your subscription

By clicking Add or remove paid seats at the top of the page, you can open a window that allows you to review your current subscription plan and manage the number of paid licenses you have. 

The number should reflect the total number of licenses you wish to have on your account. This is important to understand; in the screenshot below the total number of seats is 200. If you wanted to increase my seat count by five, you would need to change the number to 205. If you wanted to reduce the count by five, you would need to change the number to 195.

If you increase the seat count, a pro-rated invoice will automatically be generated to co-term the new seat licenses with your current billing period.

If you decrease the seat count, your account will be unaffected until the end of the current billing period.


Note: reducing the total number of seats to 0 will not cancel your subscription. You need to press the Cancel subscription button at the top of the page next to the Add or remove paid seats button to cancel your subscription.


Create paid seat groups (Enterprise+)

Paid seat groups are an account management option available to Enterprise+ customers. This functionality is particularly important for organizations managing a large number of users across multiple teams within a single account.

Paid seat groups allow administrators with billing permissions to segment the user licenses in the account by group, allocating a subset of the total licenses to each group. This gives billing administrators control of license allocation to ensure one group does not accidentally consume the licenses that were purchased by another group.


A billing administrator has access to create as many groups as they want. When creating a group, they can assign workspace owners as group owners. The group owners can add users to the account with the constraints imposed by the group they are adding users to. They cannot add more users than the group allows.



Restrict user management (Enterprise+)

Enterprise+ customers can also access the Restrict owners setting. When this setting is enabled, the ability to add users is limited to billing administrators and workspace owners assigned as paid seat group owners.

To enable this setting, navigate to Settings ⚙️ > Account > Billing and scroll down to Restrict user management. Select the checkbox next to Restrict owners and click Update to apply the change. 



View invoice history

The last section of the billing page is where you can view the full history of every invoice. The invoice number, date and amount are displayed as well as an option to view, print or download a PDF copy of each invoice.



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