JIRA error: "Unhandled error: STATUS=500"

This type of error can appear when something unexpected occurs within your Jira server. Here are a few common ways that 500 errors may appear.

  • Unhandled error: STATUS=500
  • Unhandled error: STATUS=500 BODY={"errorMessages":["Internal server error"],"errors":{}}
  • Remote error for 'create_feature': Unhandled error: STATUS=500

Sometimes, these errors are caused by customer misconfigurations. Other times, these are the result of bugs in the Jira software. These errors often appear for one of the following reasons. 

Duplicate key errors

On Jira Server and Jira Cloud, you may see a duplicate key 500 error. This will occur when you have added a field to a screen in Jira more than once. This support article from Atlassian can be used to troubleshoot the issue.

This type of error will show up in the logs as something similar to this:

  • `java.lang.IllegalStateException: Duplicate key com.atlassian.jira.rest.v2.issue.FieldMetaBean@174a0eaf` 

Epic link errors

Another common cause is a Jira bug that will return a 500 error when you send epics and stories to Jira and attempt to populate the Epic Link field (in Jira) when connecting to a newly created epic or story.

This is known to impact:

It is resolved on:

  • JIRA 6.7.14
  • JIRA 7.1.4

As this error is tied to the JIRA API, the only solution is to perform a JIRA server upgrade if you are running one of the affected versions and wish to send epics and stories from Aha! to Jira.

If you are receiving this error without sending epics and stories to JIRA, or you are not running an affected version, please contact us through support@aha.io and if possible have your Jira administrator review your server logs as those often contain additional information as to what failed on the JIRA server.

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